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Qbord is group of valued opinions. We are looking for strong willed people with great opinions. Our main goal, the one we all share, is to make a difference. One survey at a time.

Join the Qbord panel and you are a contributing member of the Qbord team. Create polls, take surveys, share the latest news, and give your unique thoughts on the products and services you use every day. You’ll receive more than just points for being a member of Qbord. You have the opportunity to truly have a say and make a difference.


How Qbord Works.

We have a simple philosophy with Qbord. and it is a three step process. 1) Complete Surveys, 2) Earn Points, and 3) Cash out on endless prizes! For more information please check out our FAQs section.SLIDE 2E

Qbord  is powered by PMG Intelligence, a Canadian Market Research Company.

Who is PMG Intelligence?

PMG started out building experience in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. To gain this knowledge, we started small. We targeted local firms that needed information but did not have the resources to outsource to big “Toronto firms”. And it worked. Although it was tough going at times we slowly built our client base by convincing people (many of whom had never performed a research study in the past) that they needed information to compete in an increasingly competitive business environment. We believed that if we provided our clients with sound information coupled with superior customer service, we would build a loyal client base. And we did.

The more we built our knowledge base, the larger our client base grew, both in the number of clients as well as the size of the organizations. Our clients grew from family owned furniture stores to multinational furniture manufacturers; from small restaurants to large-scale food distributors. Where once we only competed locally, we now compete nationally (and at times even internationally). Today our customers are some of the biggest companies in Canada and most compete on the world stage. In terms of the types of companies we work with, some sectors include; government, financial, high-tech, manufacturing, education, retail, service, and the not for profit sector.

We understand that because the marketplace is evolving, the needs of our clients are evolving. With increased competition and tighter margins, our clients need to understand their market better than ever to hold on to their customers. And that is what we are here for.